DIY 4th of July Floral Wreath

May 19, 2020

DIY 4th of July Floral Wreath
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    When one thinks of our country, the pledge, the constitution, and the flag readily come to mind. Thus, the good old red, white, and blue are the colors for the month. I ran across a blueberry wreath, which I thought would be a fun background to work within jazzing up my door. Of course, I rarely leave things as they are; so, I bought some red and white flowers in various sizes to add to my wreath for the July holidays. My mom and I had a fun time talking about the previous July’s as we assembling my DIY 4th of July Floral Wreath.

Final Wreath

Telling your Story:

     Some of my fondest memories are of our July holidays. My Grandpa Toy was a local legend town barber, firefighter, search and rescue and friend to everyone. It is an annual tradition that continues today that the firefighter’s launch fireworks over Scofield Lake in UT. The reflection on the water was almost as great as the black sky displays. I got a huge belly laugh when one of the fireworks went awry, and I got to watch firemen running towards the water in their full firemen gear. Great times!
     Even as an adult, fireworks are just as fascinating with all the splash of colors. I could live without the loud bangs, but the fireworks are still something to look forward to each year. I want to share my love of our country with my family; so, decorating the house up for the July holidays is just an expression of my devotion to our freedoms.  When I say July holidays, I include our 24th of July in Utah to celebrate statehood. This makes July an even more special month for us.

Wreath Supplies
Wreath Supplies
Wreath Supplies


• Wreath (we used a berry wreath, but anything premade wreath will work}.
• Variety of red and white flowers; large, medium and small with different textures 
• Hot glue
• Floral picks and tape
• Wire
• Wire cutters and heavy-duty scissor
• Drop-cloth

Placing Largest flowers in wreath
Attaching larger flowers

How to assemble your 4th of July Wreath

1. Start, by covering your workspace with a drop-cloth
2. Next, decide how much of your wreath you want to cover with flowers.  Yes, you get to decide. We decided on about half of the wreath.
3. After that place the largest flowers around on top of the wreath until you like it. As a tip design likes odd numbers we used three large red flowers.
4. Then cut the stems, push the branches in and down and wire them in place. We were out of our normal wire so we used pipe-cleaners around turns out they were really easy to use.

Adding medium flowers

DIY Wreath next steps:

5. Next, place the medium flowers around in the wreath filling in some of the significant open spaces.
6. Then, cut the stems and push them into the wreath. Another tip is to use hot glue and wire to make sure the stems are held firmly in place.
7. Finally, fill in any open spaces with the small flowers. This gives a good texture and an airy look to your product. Again you can use hot-glue to secure any flowers that are not attached by pushing them into the wreath.

Video Tutorial 4th of July Floral Wreath:

Displaying your Wreath

As you’re deciding where to place your wreath, think about the elements outside. You don’t want your wreath spoiled by wind, rain, or sun.  If placing it indoors, think about where it will be most visible and complement your other decor. Wreaths are even attractive on a tablescape and above fireplace mantels. Experiment with different ideas. You’ll be surprised at how many options look good. Don’t forget to share your memories of the 4th of July with your family. It helps bond us to one another and allows us to share our love of our great country with our families.

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Decorating for the seasons and holidays has always been a family favorite of ours. It was great to work on this project with my Mom. I really enjoy doing these projects with another adult gives us something to do as we catch up on the things going on in our lives. Grab a friend and try it out this DIY 4th of July Floral Wreath. Make sure to let us know how it goes and capture a picture.  Finally click here to follow us on Pinterest and Subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we will be posting additional tutorials. 

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