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DIY- Kids nature walk Art Project

March 25, 2020

DIY Nature Walk Kids Painting (1)
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     DIY nature walk art project perfect way to liven up your family stroll.  Before you go on the walk make sure to prep your kids.  Grandma Atwood is entertaining Lily while we are isolating and Jet and I are working from home. 

     Over the past few days, Lily found“pine corns” the two-year-old version of pine cones on her daily walks.  Since she regularly sees the family working on DIY and Art projects and always wants to help. Because there is only so much coloring you can do all day.  When inspiration hit Grandma she turned a nature walk into an opportunity for an art project.

Nature walk art project final

Get your kids ready for a nature walk

     First, Grandma gathered all of the supplies for the project and got them out on the table.  Then, she gathered a group of acrylic paints (picking coordinating and accenting colors.) Finally, she pulled out the canvas and then she talked to Lily about the project.  She explained that they were going to go for a nature walk and that on the walk and that they were going to collect nature’s paintbrushes.

Collecting paintbrushes

     Ultimately, Grandma and Lily spent the better part of an hour out on a walk.  Since the planned the purpose of the walk Lily was focused on looking at plants with Grandma.  Meanwhile, they collected fallen pine cones, leaves from bushes and trees, and a few flowers. After they got back they had to tell Grandpa all about their amazing finds.

Most importantly look for plants with interesting shapes and texture.  Imagine the pattern that will appear with some paint and applied to the canvas. 

Supplies for the art project

Get ready…

Since two-year-old art projects are a disaster waiting to happen.  It is critical you prepare. However, Grandma has the best tips and tricks. She poked a hole in the top of a garbage sack and put it over Lily’s head to protect her from painting.  Consequently, a drop cloth goes under the table and on the table to proactively eliminate the impending mess.

Painting Steps: 

*Tip: Guide your kids through the process and the younger they are control access to one color and step at a time.
1. Clean the collection you found on your nature walk
2. Organize your collection on the table so it is ready
3. Get a large sponge brush ready for base coat
4. Pick your base color
5.  Step one paint a base coat with a sponge brush in a base color over three-fourths of the canvas.
6. Let it dry
7. Paint a complementary color on the remaining one-third
8. Time to dry again
9. Next pick additional colors and a leave, pine cone, or flower from your walk to use in contrasting colors.  Use the find by dipping it in a color and pressing it on the canvas.
10. Have a snack- drying time again
Alternate between steps 9 and 10 till you feel like you have a finished product.

Painting demo

Put their art on display

Finally don’t forget to celebrate your little one’s DIY nature walk art. Hang it with a collection of family pictures or with their other art. Doing art with your little one’s empowers them to use their creative skills and to not be afraid to start a new project.  It is the perfect way to pass down your love of arts and crafts on to your family.

P.S. Take pictures and share them here in the comments. We would love to see it.

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