DIY Spring & Summer Home Decorating ideas

April 28, 2020

Spring and Summer Home Decor Ideas
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         Spring and summer decorating is a great way to add warmth and to bring color into your decor.   When I decorate, I am always looking for opportunities to incorporate decor that weaves in our lives and memories. Spring means introducing florals and brilliant colors into my rooms. Today I want to show you easy ways you can incorporate DIY spring and summer decorating ideas into your home entryway and on the kitchen table.

Nature walk art project final

Entryway Spring DIY Home Decor Plan:

     First off, the entryway. Last week we completed a DIY Floral Door Decor project with a basket full of spring flowers, including magnolias. To extend the look to the rest of the porch started off by pulling out pieces from my decor closet that reminded me of spring.
• Large Milk Jug replica
• Farmhouse milk container replica
• Remnant flowers

Be flexible and pull out more options than you are going to need.  Florals, vases, bird cages, containers and colors that remind you of spring.  

Cultivating a decor collection:

     I grew up in Price UT small community in southeast UT. When I was in college, I went to my first estate sale. It was an incredible way to get introduced to antique buying. The estate was a large farm and had some absolutely fantastic pioneer age antiques. They had covered wagons, old farm equipment, and household goods. After observing how the process worked, I convinced my mom to bid on a covered wagon. Incredibly enough $400 later, we owned a covered wagon that now sits in my parent’s front yard.            


      We continued to explore the property since everything was for sale. I found the weathered antique trunk that is always on my front porch in a barn. There is no bottom in the trunk. The auctioneer opened up the bidding, and he tried to start it at $20, and no one bid. He moved back to start at $10. I told my mom I really wanted it, and we got it for the opening bid. The funny thing is I almost lost the first antique I ever bought.  Later on when we came back to pick it up the guy who bought the barn it was in thought it was his and after an argument and getting the auctioneer to confirm my purchase the trunk went home with me.  

Invest and hold on to great PIECES 

     The trunk on my front porch was bought before I even had my first college apartment. Several years later, when I purchased a townhouse, it was one of the first things I used as decor in my home. This is a perfect example of a decor piece that every time I change it up for a season or Holiday, it brings back fun memories.  


      To complete the look for the entryway, I wanted to keep it simple since the Spring Door Décor project took a significant amount of time. I put a few remnant flowers into the farmhouse milk container. I carried the theme of the magnolias in the arrangement by just setting a few springs on the trunk. I set out the replica milk jug and sign. It was cohesive and complete. Lily gave it her stamp of approval, and we moved into the kitchen.

Spring centerpiece and tablescape ideas

      Decorating in an open concept home means taking advantage of the views when you enter the living kitchen area. We have a 12ft kitchen table that divides the living room and kitchen. This table gives me ample space to decorate for the different seasons and holidays. Again I started with things that I already own.  

Incorporate things you own and love

     I enjoy bringing new life into things you already own by using them in a different room, combination, or collection of items. For example, I grabbed a bright floral arrangement that typically is in a spare bedroom. I wanted diverse colors, sizes, and heights to try in this tablescape. Since it is spring, I tried to use the two gnomes you see in the picture. These are handmade by artist friend Pam Freday using the needle felting method. Using these gnomes reminds me of a fantastic trip to OH with her, where she showed me how she made them. During that same trip, we enjoyed antiquing and I found a couple educational wooden children’s toys one of them I used in this tablescape. I also grabbed a silver sugar container passed down to me from my Grandma Atwood.  

DIY bring it all together for the tablescape

I placed the items on the table in trying different combinations and ultimately ended up adding a metal tiered cake display to the mix. I pulled in the spring flowers by adding some of the silk magnolias. The great thing about tablescape and centerpieces where you use a mixture of items is that you can play with it. Get a design you like and live with it for a few hours or days and move things around, try them in different places.

Telling your story through decor:

These quick and easy refreshes to your interior decor refresh the look of a room and take you down memory lane. It is impossible to not think of loved ones and cherished times when you work with items that bring back touching memories. I encourage you to keep things in your décor closet that have striking color, shape, and sizes but to make sure they are as meaningful as they are beautiful.

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Please share ideas and pictures of your tablescape and entryways built with items that tell your home story. Make sure not to miss anything by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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